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Privacy Policy of www.ecofil.it

This Application collects some of Users personal data.

You can find below further information concerning the use of cookies, related technologies and the way they are employed on this site and how to manage them.


Ecofil S.r.l.
Registered Office: Via Angelo Biondi, 42/44 – 63857 Amandola (FM)
P.IVA: 02175950449

Type of Collected Data

Among the Personal Data collected by this Application independently or through third parties there are: Cookies and Usage data.
Other collected Personal Data could be indicated in other sections of this privacy policy statement, or through informative texts visualized simultaneously to data collection.
Personal Data can be provided personally by the User or being collected automatically while using this Application.
The possible use of Cookies – or other tracking instruments – by this Application or by the owner of third services employed by this Application, whenever not differently established, is aimed to User identification and recording of his preferences for reasons strictly related to the provision of service requested by the User.
The missing provision of certain Personal Data by the User, could prevent this Application from providing its services.
User is responsible for Personal and third parties data shared by this Application and ensures to be entitled to their communication and spread, with no responsibilities upon the Owner towards third parties.

Methods and Location for the Processing of Collected Data

Methods of Processing:

The Owner processes Users Personal Data adopting all the appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or destruction of Personal Data.
Data are manages through digital and/or telematic instruments, with organization methods strictly related to the indicated purposes. In addition to the Owner, in certain cases, Data could be accessible to other categories of subjects, involved in the management of the website (administrative, commercial, marketing or legal personnel and system administrators) or external subjects (as technical service suppliers, post carriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communication agencies) as well appointed by the Owner, when necessary, as Responsible for their processing.


Data are processed in the operative locations of the Owner and every other place where parts involved in Data processing are located. For further information please contact the Owner.


Data are processed for the necessary time to the performance of the service requested by the User or by the purposes described in this document. User can always ask for the interruption of the interruption of Data processing and their cancellation.

Purpose of Processing of Collected Data:

User Data are collected in order to allow the Owner to provide services, as well as for the following purposes: interaction with a social network, external platforms and statistics. The kind of Personal Data employed for each purpose are indicated in the specific sections of this document.

Details on Personal data Processing:

Personal Data are collected for the following purposes using the following services:


Services contained in the present section allow the Owner of Data Processing to monitor and analyze both data and traffic and they are employed to track user behavior.

Google Analytics (Google)

Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google employs Personal Data collected in order to track and examine the use of this Application, filling reports and share them with other services developed by Google.
Google could use Personal Data to contextualize or customize the advertisement of its own commercial network.

Collected personal data: Cookie and Data of use.

Processing location : USA – Privacy Policy – Opt Out

Further Information on Processing

Defense in court

User Personal Data can be employed by the Owner for defense in court by or during the preparatory phases to the establishment of the judgment, due to abuses in use of the Application or related services by the User.
User declares to be aware that the Owner could be required to reveal these Data at the request of the Public Authority.

Specific information

If requested by the User, together with the information in this privacy policy, this Application could provide to the User further and contextual information concerning specific services or collection and processing of Personal Data.

System Log and Maintenance

For any need linked to the function and maintenance, this Application and related third services employed can collect system Log, which are files registering those interaction which could contain Personal Data, as user IP Address.

Information Not Contained in This Policy

More information related to the treatment of Personal Data can be required in every moment to the Owner of Data Processing using contact information.

Exercise of rights by Users

Subjects who Personal Data refer to are entitled in whenever moment to obtain the confirmation of the existence of these data held by the Owner of Data Processing. They are entitled to know content and origin of these data, to verify if they are correct, to require their integration, cancellation, updating, correction, transformation in anonymous form, block of those Personal Data collected in violation of the law and they can also oppose for legitimate reason to their processing. The request must be addressed to the Owner of Data Processing. This Application dose not support “Do Not Track” requests. To discover if services provided by third parties support these request it is necessary to consult their own privacy policy.
Modifies to the present privacy policy

The Owner of Data Processing is entitled to modify the present privacy policy in every moment, informing Users through this page. It is requested to control often this page, using as a reference the date of last modification reported on the bottom. In case of missing approval of modifications to the privacy policy, User has to stop using this Application and is entitled to request to the Owner of Data Processing the removal of the Personal Data. With the exclusion of different specifications, this privacy policy will bee still be applied to the already collected Personal Data.

Information on this privacy policy

The Owner of Data Processing is responsible for this privacy policy statement, starting from modules prepared by Iubenda and stored in its servers.

Extended Information on Cookies

Cookies are portions of a code installed in the browser assisting the Owner of Data Processing to provide the service according to the described purposes. Furthermore some of the purposes for the installation of Cookies could need user consent.

Technical Cookies and Aggregated Strategy

This website uses Cookies to save Users session and perform other activities strictly necessaries for its own function, like those related to traffic distribution.
This website uses Cookies to save navigation preferences as well and optimize Users navigation experience.
Among these cookies there are those to set language and currency or those for the management of statistics  byt the website Owner.

Other Types of Cookies or Third Instruments Which Make Use of Them

Some of the following listed services could not require the User consent or could be managed directly by the Owner – according to what is indicated – without the help of third parties.
Whenever among the indicated instruments there are services managed by third parties, these could -additionally to what is specified and without the knowledge of the Owner – perform activities to track the User. For further information about this topic it is recommended to verify the privacy policy of listed services.

How Can I Verify the Installation of Cookies?

In addition to what is indicated in this document, User can manage the preferences related to Cookies directly from the inside of the browser and for instance, prevent third parties from installing other Cookies. Through browser preferences is also possible to eliminate Cookies where is saved the set up consent by the website. It is important to notice that disabling the Cookies could compromise the functioning of this website. User can find information on how to manage Cookies in the browser at the following addresses:

– Google Chrome
– Mozilla Firefox
– Apple Safari
– Microsoft Windows Explorer

In case of services provided by third parties, User can exercise his right to oppose tracking, getting informed through the privacy policy of those third parties, through the opt out link if provided or getting in touch with them.

Without prejudice for the forgoing, the Owner informs User of the possibility to use the service “Your Online Choices”. Through this service it is possible to manage tracking preferences for most part of commercial instruments. So the Owner suggests to use this resource additionally to the information provided by this document.

Please mind that, since Cookies or other tracking systems installed by third parties through services employed in this website can’t be technically controlled by the Owner, every specific reference to Cookies ans tracking system installed by third parties is only a general indication. In order to know the complete information it is necessary to check the privacy policy related to the eventual third services listed in this document.

Because of the complexity to identify Cookies based technologies and because of their strict integration with the web, the User is invited to get in touch with the Owner whenever he wants to receive more information about the use of Cookies and possible uses of them – for instance use by third parties – made through this website.

Definitions and Legal References

Personal Data (or Data)

It is a Personal Data, whatever information concerning a physical person, identified or suitable to be identified, also indirectly, referring to any other information, included a personal identification number.

Usage Data

Information automatically collected by this Application (or applications by third parties employed by this Application), among which: IP addresses or domine names of the computers employed by the User connecting with this Application, addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), time of request, method employed for the request, dimension of the file received as an answer, numeric code indicating the state of answer of the server (positive outcome error etc.), Country of origin, features of browser and operative system employed by the visitor, all the different time features of the visit (permanence time for instance) and details related to the itinerary followed inside the Application, with particular reference to the sequence of visited pages, parameters concerning operative system and digital environment of the User.


The individual who uses this Application, who has to be the Interested  one or be authorized by the Interested himself and who’s Personal Data are subjected to Data Processing.

Interested Subject

Physical or legal person who the Data refer to.

Responsible for the Processing (also said Responsible)

Physical or legal person, public administration or ay other body, association or organization entitled by the Owner to the Processing of Personal Data, according to the provisions of this Privacy policy.

Owner of Data Processing ( also said Owner)

Physical or legal person, public administration or ay other body, association or organization entitled, also with another owner, to the decisions concerning purposes, methods and instruments for the Processing of Personal Data, including the security profile concerning function and fruition of this Application.

This Application

The hardware or software employed to collect Users Personal Data.


A small portion of data stored in Users devices.

Legal References

Notice to European Users: this Privacy Policy was draft according to the legal obligations of Art. 10 of CE Directive N. 95/46/CE and Directive 2002/58/CE concerning Cookies.  This Privacy Policy only concerns this Application.