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LCA comparative report by UNIVPM

Università Politecnica delle Marche

The University UNIVPM – Università Politecnica delle Marche, performed  a comparative analysis between Ecofil and other more classical waste collection systems:

  • Ecofil / Door-to-Door
  • Ecofil / Street Collection

The evaluation was performed according to the LCA “Life Cycle Assessment” standards (ISO 14040-44), which take under consideration the interactions of a product or service with the environment, allowing to obtain a complete outlook on them.

The territorial area of reference was a neighborhood of 16.000 citizens town called Porto San Giorgio (FM), considered a relevant sample due to its territorial characteristics similar to many other towns of the area, where all the three methods have been tested.

Ecofil demonstrated to be the system offering the major environmental ravenous and performances, thanks to the high rate of waste separation and better quality of the collected waste respect to other methods.

The end-life scenario related to Ecofil is an environmental benefit of 173439.46 KgCO2eq, versus 71829.91KgCO2eq of Door-to-Door and  57375.04 KgCO2eq of Street Collection.

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